We will lead you through all stages of your project from the first sketch to the last coat of paint... We have an open studio, and encourage you to come in, make yourself a home...

We can help with:

Architectural Services

We provide full Architectural Services for private & commercial clients.

These include:

  • Advising on the initial direction and concept development
  • Detailed design
  • Production of Planning Drawings and the making of the Planning Application
  • Working Drawings and Construction Specifications
  • Tender Production
  • Advising on and liaising with Contractors
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Project Management & Site Supervision

We will provide independent & impartial advice throughout your project, and most importantly, we will find a solution to suit your budget.

However complex your project, we have the capability, expertise and experience to make it a reality.


We have vast experience in altering and extending existing buildings and homes to cater for increased Accessibility for children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

We can assist in making the transition from an inaccessible building to a fully accessible one as stress free as possible. We have worked closely with a number of Occupational Therapists to find the perfect and unique solution for each Client.

We would be more than happy to share our expertise in this area with you.

Assigned Certifier Services

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into force on 1st March 2014.

The Regulations require;

  • Mandatory Certification by a professional appointed by the Client as an ‘Assigned Certifier’.
  • The lodgement of plans, drawings and documents to the Local Authority by the ‘Assigned Certifier’.
  • Mandatory Inspection of the Works during the Construction period by the ‘Assigned Certifier’.
  • Validation of the documents issued by the local Building Control Authority.

From the 1st March 2014, and before work commences on site, the Client must carry out the following under the new legislation;

  • Appoint a competent Designer. (This will be your Architect)
  • Appoint a competent ‘Assigned Certifier’.
  • Appoint a competent Builder. (As your Architect, we would be able to recommend competent Builders for a competitive Tender)

The Duties of the ‘Assigned Certifier’ are:

  • Lodgement of Plans, the Design Certificate, Preliminary Inspecting Plan and Commencement Notice to the relevant Building Control Authority
  • Certification at both Design and Completion Stages
  • Prepare and implement a Site Inspection Plan
  • Carry out mandatory Inspections during the Works and coordinate Inspections by others
  • Follow up on non-compliance issues
  • Keep and maintain Site Inspection Records
  • Respond to the relevant Building Control Authority in relation to Information Requests
  • Lodgement of Plans and Documents at Completion Stage to the relevant Building Control Authority

Andrew O’Brien Architects are happy to provide the services of the ‘Assigned Certifier’.

PSDP Services (Health & Safety)

Under the new Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations – S.I.no.291 of 2013, one of the duties of the Client is to appoint a Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP).

All clients must appoint a Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP) and a Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS) and also notify the HSA that the project is starting. The role of the PSCS will normally be carried out by the Main Contractor. This ‘start date’ is deemed to be before the Architect begins the Initial Design Stage.

The Duties of the PSDP are:

  • Identify hazards arising from the design or from the technical, organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project.
  • Where possible, eliminate the hazards or reduce the risks.
  • Communicate necessary control measure, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS so they can be dealt with in the safety and health plan.
  • Ensure that the work of designers is coordinated to ensure safety.
  • Organise co-operation between designers.
  • Prepare a written safety and health plan for any project where construction will take more than 500 person days or 30 working days or there is a particular risk and deliver it to the client prior to tender.
  • Prepare a safety file for the completed structure and give it to the client.
  • Notify the Authority and the client of non-compliance with any written directions issued.
  • The PSDP may issue directions to designers or contractors or others.

This process is less daunting for you than it sounds. We can advise you through all the steps that need to be carried out.

We would be delighted to provide the PSDP Service for projects on which we are the lead Architects.

Disability Access Certificates

A Disability Access Certificate is a certificate of compliance issued by the Building Control Authority with respect to requirements under Part M of the Building Regulations.

An application for a DAC shall be required:

  • In respect of all works, or a building to which a Fire Safety certificate is required.
  • For new buildings other than dwellings (including apartment buildings) which commence or take place on or after 1 January 2010.
  • For certain other works to which the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations apply.

We can assist you in your DAC Application.